The Bridges of Ourense the City of Gold

27 Jan

This afternoon I stopped in Ourense for a short stroll over the Roman Bridge (Puente Viejo) of Ourense which stands over the Miño River with views of the other bridges on each side. To the east we have the Train Viaduct Bridge built in 1958 made of cement and stands 46 metres tall and 415 metres long. Next you will see the New Bridge (Puente Nuevo or Ponte Nova) which was built in 1918. Then to the west we can see the Millennium Bridge inaugurated in 2001 in a vanguard architectural style. It is only 450 metres away from the Roman Bridge and was built to solve the problem of transportation by vehicle and making the old Roman Bridge only pedestrian to save the structure.

Centuries ago this old Roman Bridge was a strategic bastion, the gateway to Santiago de Compostela, and a privileged viewpoint over the river. Only a few dressed ashlars at the base remain from the first Roman Bridge, built during the reign of Emperor Augustus. It was rebuilt in the 13th century, with the shape it retains to this day, with pointed arch and ramps. It underwent a final, definitive modification in the 17th century. Very nearby is the 16th century Los Remedios Shrine, which, together with the bridge, forms a monumental ensemble.

After my walk across the Bridge m next stop was the old quarter to have some tapas y vinos (wines). Then a peek in the Provincial Archaeological Museum at the Plaza Mayor and the Pilgrimage Cathedral, but I won’t spoil that for you come discover with one of our private guides this wonderful historic city of Galicia.

Video of my walk across the Roman Bridge of Ourense


Photos of the Bridges and River Miño of Ourense




With our local private guides you can hear all the history of the City and these picturesque bridges. Here is our suggested walking tour…

Ourense Roman Bridge and Old Quarter Walking Tour

Ourense Roman Bridge and Old Quarter Walking Tour

Description: Half Day walking tour with a private guide to visit Ourense’s Roman Bridge, Pilgrimage Cathedral, Archeology Museum and Old quarter…   more…


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