Coastal Walk around Cabo Udra (Udra Cape) Nature Park in Bueu, Rias Baixas, Galicia

9 Sep

It was a nice sunny Sunday morning so I decided to take a walk around one of my favorite spots of the Rias Baixas... Cabo Udra or Udra Cape in English a small peninsula in Bueu on the O Morrazo Peninsula. A great place walking trails and taking photos of the Cies Islands and Ons Islands at the front of the bays of Aldan, Vigo and Pontevedra which are also a nature park called Islas Atlánticas National Park. An excellent vantage point to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Rias Baixas. Come with us and visit Galicia’s Rias Baixas coast.



Cape Udra

Location – Morrazo, Pontevedra estuary separates small Aldán estuary, in the municipalities of Bueu and Cangas.
Size – 623,36 ha, of which 443 are marine waters.
Access – From Pontevedra Bueu by PO-551 road, detours final stretch Beluso.
Services – Accommodation and food in the vicinity.
Equipment – information panels. Nature Classroom (Beluso, Bueu).
Other natural spaces related / upcoming: Park Atlantic Islands of Galicia National, LIC “Costa da Vela”

The Aldán estuary opens at the end of the peninsula between the tip Morrazo O O Couso (See LIC Costa da Vela) and Udra out. Its coast from the beach of A Mourisca (Bueu) and Menduiña (Cangas) is a chain of rocks and small beaches touched by the beauty and richness submarine.

The dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and porpoises are relatively common in these waters also covered by the protected area. From your observation land panoramic views defraud not become one of the main attractions for your visit. There is a marked trail from Bueu and Nature’s Classroom in the parish of Beluso.

Along the way discover the peculiar “huts”, construction of the shepherds in the shelter of the many rocks in the area, and abandoned military batteries.


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