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EATour Specialist new website launch offering Unique Tours for Foodies

24 May

We hope you like our new site eatourspecialist.com where our EATing & Wine Tasting Tour Specialists will be posting some of the exclusive food & wine tours we offer to Spain and Portugal. Come and EAT your way across Spain and Portugal with us… exclusive winery visits, Michelin-starred restaurants, expert guides, back-roads touring, small towns, […]

The winner of the IV Tapas Contest Santiago(e)tapas – O Curro da Parra

3 Jun

Bloody Mary made in Galicia

“It is said that the etymology of the word tapa comes from the ancient custom which was fashionable in the taverns and inns, to cover wine glasses with a piece of bread, to prevent dust from entering and flies, mosquitos and other bugs.” All lovers of good food, especially the covers, they can enjoy, from […]