Celtic Sites, Albariño Winery Visit and Seafood Lunch on the Coast of Galicia – Guide’s Trip Notes

18 Sep

Castro de Baroña, A Coruña, Galicia

The weather today was not the greatest but the mist and light rain added to the Celtic atmosphere of the Galician Coast, and since we started the morning visiting some ancient Celtic sites it was a perfect setting. First stop was at the Celtic Hill-fort settlement of Castro de Baroña which is located down the coast from Santiago on the Peninsula of O Barbanza right next to the small fishing port of Porto do Son. A unique Celtic site with remains of the stone ring huts in an opposing setting to protect against attacks from the sea.

Dolmen de Axeitos, A Coruña, Galicia

After this we stopped to visit the Dolmen de Axeitos, which is a perfect example of the burial tomb used in megalithic and Celtic times.

Lobster with Rice (Bogavante con Arroz), Seafood of Galicia

Now we headed down further the Rias Baixas coast entering into the Albariño wine region. Getting hungry we stopped at a local seafood restaurant in Vilagarcia de Arousa for lunch sampling some of the fresh local products of the Sea… starting with baked baby scallops (zamburiñas  al horno) then on to an Rice with lobster (Bogavante con Arroz) all accompanied by Albariño white wines.

Bodega Pazo Baion, Albariño Winery, Rias Baixas, Galicia

In the afternoon we visited the Albariño winery of Pazo Baion. Here we had a VIP visit of the winery and then a tasting of their Albariño wine. The rain didn’t stop us from taking a walk around Cambados Plaza de Fefiñanes before heading back to Santiago by highway.A mix of ancient sites, with good food and wine of the region, a day to remember and I never get sick of showing visitors to this area of Spain.





It is watered by the water of the Atlantic ocean inside the estuary of Muros-Noia. It has a privileged situation from the communications point of view, because it is 45 kilometres far from Santiago de Compostela; and it is also very well communicated by the sea, because it makes the division of the northern and southern coast of Galicia.

Castro de Baroña, A Coruña, Galicia Castro de Barona – Celtic Hill-fort: which sits on its own spectacular peninsula jutting out into the wild sea. It is a very good example of a coastline hill-fort. There is a very interesting legend behind this site, it is said that anyone who sees the image or shape of a lions head in the hill-fort rock formations they will be selected to join the rebirth of the Celtic Clan of Baroña. Take a look around the hill-fort and keep your eyes peeled for the lions head your guide will not reveal the secret until the end of the visit.

Dolmen de Axeitos, A Coruña, Galicia Dolmen of Axeitos – Ancient Burial Tomb: Walking through the small trail, you will see in the distance the Dolmen. A Dolmen is a Megalithic burial structure, also adapted and used by the Celts. It consists of large slabs of stone normally two or three standing stones to act as the support for the head stone placed on the top. There are many theories as to how the Huge Head stone is placed on top of the top lateral standing stone, but much still remains a mystery. Inside the Dolmens the Celts buried their warriors and Chieftains with all their arms, jewels etc… The Dolmen of Axeitos is a very good example of a burial Dolmen with the two standing stones and head stone well preserved and intact.

Bodega Pazo Baion, Albariño Winery, Rias Baixas, Galicia Pazo Baion – A Boutique Cellar:  The exclusive cellar of Pazo Baión is a hundred year old jewel erected under the signs of the modernism style. In the purest art déco style, with contemporary forms and materials -aluminium, stainless steel, clear wood, glass, solid lines and colour that take us to a unique place of absolutess- to the microuniverse of Pazo Baión. The Technical Direction of the wine making project is under the supervision of José Hidalgo, one of the most famous and most respected winemakers in Spain, and Lucía Carballeira. A brilliant pair, with experience and knowledge of the new cellar style and responsible for the range of wines and the development of the vineyards. Together with them, a young and very professional team will operate the daily activities in one of the most fascinating and advanced cellars in the wine world.


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Bodega Pazo Baion, Albarino Winery, Rias Baixas

Celtic Coast and Albarino Wine Tour of the Salnes Valley, Rias Baixas

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